Friday, March 3, 2017

Current Water Year in Western Wyoming, Wet and Snowy!

For comparison to some of the record precipitation and snow in this report for Western Wyoming following are for the same period in Star Valley
October 1 2016-February 28 2017
Star Valley Ranch 21.62 202 inches of snow
1.5 SE Thayne 19.35 152 inches of snow
5 SSE Smoot 22.48 186 inches of snow
US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming
5 hrs
00 percent to over 300 percent of normal precipitation. Some locations also shattered their snowfall records for the 5 month period. Green River measured a record 67.8" of snowfall since October 1st! The old record? 49.1" for the 5 month period ending 2/28/1929.

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