Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Very Wet Fall Across Star Valley and Western Wyoming

It has been a particularly wet Fall.  While September experienced well above normal precipitation  across Star Valley and most of western Wyoming, near unprecedented amounts fell in October.

Following are precipitation totals from around the Star Valley area.

Location                  September    October   2 month total  
Star Valley Ranch         3.45          6.07     9.53
1SE Thayne                3.39          5.74     9.13
5SSE Smoot                3.50          6.42     9.92
Willow Creek              4.40         10.20    14.60
Cottonwood Creek          3.40          8.30    11.70
Salt River Summit         2.90          5.50     8.40

The Targhee Ski Resort is the winner in the region where 11.9 inches was measured in October and 16.8 inches for the 2 month period September and October.  As of November 1st 55 inches of snow had already occurred this Fall with 22 inches currently on the ground.

It has been even wetter in the Pacific Northwest.  At the Swift Creek SNOTEL on the south slopes of Mt St Helen in the Cascades of Washington, an incredible 50 inches of rain fell during October.

Here is the 30 day analysis for much of Wyoming and Southeast Idaho.

30 Day Precipitation for much of Wyoming and Southeast Idaho

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