Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brrrrr! Growing Season Ends in High Mountain Valleys

Temperatures plummeted in the valleys of Western Wyoming and Southeast Idaho last night due to the the combination of very dry air, calm winds and clear skies.

Potatoes frozen in Auburn, unofficially as low as 25F!

 Here is a map of the minimum temperatures below freezing over the area for August 4 2016

Minimum temperatures below freezing August 4 2016

Snider Basin at 8200 ft bottomed out at 18F.

Only the lower elevations of Star Valley dipped below freezing

Minimum temperatures August 4 2016
Bondurant typically one of the coldest locations in Western Wyoming dropped 61 degrees from the maximum of 81 Wednesday afternoon to a frigid 20 at sunrise this morning.

Bondurant WY temperature graph

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