Friday, February 24, 2017

200 Inches of Snow and Still Counting for Winter 2016-2017

The winter of 2016-17 even with still a couple snow  months remaining, has already been a memorable one.
Following is the normal totals of snowfall and precipitation  over a 30 year period from the climatological station located just southeast of Bedford.


Period of Record Monthly Climate Summary

Period of Record : 6/ 1/1975 to 12/31/2005

Average Max. Temperature (F)28.433.141.550.360.670.779.578.269.356.438.327.652.8
Average Min. Temperature (F)6.17.515.324.533.137.743.241.734.326.316.06.224.3
Average Total Precipitation (in.)
Average Total SnowFall (in.)36.726.
Average Snow Depth (in.)24292690000003139

Daily snowfall and precipitation is also taken in Star Valley Ranch, which is in a comparable location to the Bedford 3 SE station.

As of Feb 24th the Star Valley Ranch site has topped 200 inches so far this winter. This compares to about 160 inches for an entire winter snow season per the Bedford station.  Additionally  the total precipitation in Star Valley Ranch has been almost 25 inches(24.97) since September 1st, more than would occur normally in an entire year.

Following is a month by month break down of the snowfall and precipitation since September as measured at Star Valley Ranch.

Month             Precipitation          Snowfall
Sept                       3.45                         .5
Oct                        6.05                       9.8
Nov                       1.63                      17.5
Dec                       3.90                       64.0
Jan                        5.00                       69.5
Feb thru the 24th  4.94                       39.0

Totals                   24.97                     200.3 inches


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