Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day Storm Summary

A strong spring storm system brought significant snowfall to southeast Fremont, eastern Sweetwater, southern Casper and Casper Mountain.  Along with the snowfall strong north to northeast winds caused considerable blowing and drifting of snowfall especially above 7000 feet.  Accumulating snowfall varied considerably across Casper with around one inch across northwest and northern Casper to between 4 and 7 inches at the base of Casper Mountain in the Outer Drive area.  Casper Mountain was the big winner for snowfall with around 2 feet of snow with the east side of the Wind River Mountains coming in a close 2nd with 1 to 2 feet.  This snow and wind caused several major highways to be closed for 12 to 24 hours including much of Interstate 80. 

Trucks backed up west of Cheyenne at "Roundtop" on Interstate 80 Sunday evening. Interstate 80 remained closed through Monday morning.

Snowfall Totals
LincolnStar Valley Ranch4
Lincoln5 SSE Smoot3
Lincoln2 SE Thayne3

Big HornBone Springs Divide Snotel3
Big HornBald Mountain Snotel3
Big HornPowder River Pass2
Big HornShell Creek Snotel2
FremontTownsend Creek Snotel22
FremontHobbs Park Snotel19
FremontSouth Pass Snotel18
Fremont9.5 SW Lander14
FremontDeer Park Snotel14
FremontSt. Lawrence Alt Snotel13
Fremont6 SW Lander11.1
FremontAtlantic City10
Fremont9 S Lander9
FremontJeffrey City9
Fremont9 SSE Lander7.5
Fremont3 SW Lander7.5
Fremont6.6 SW Lander7
Fremont9 SSE Lander5.5
Fremont5 W Lander5
FremontCold Springs Snotel5
Fremont7 WNW Lander4.7
FremontLittle Warm Snotel4
Fremont2 SSW Arapahoe3
Fremont1 SW Lander2.8
FremontLander Town1.5 to 2.5
FremontRiverton Airport1.4
FremontLander Airport1.2
JohnsonCloud Peak Reservoir Snotel4
JohnsonBear Trap Meadow Snotel3
JohnsonHansen Sawmill Snotel3
JohnsonLittle Goose Snotel3
JohnsonSoldier Park Snotel1

NatronaCasper Mountain20 to 23
NatronaReno Hill Snotel23
NatronaCasper Mountain Snotel20
Natrona5 SSW Casper7
Natrona2 S Casper6.3
Natrona4 SW Casper6.3
Natrona10 WSW Casper5.2
Natrona3 SW Casper4.6
Natrona4 WSW Casper3.2
Natrona11 ESE Casper2.1
NatronaPowder River2
NatronaGrave Spring Snotel2
NatronaCasper Airport0.9
Natrona12 NE Lysite0.4
ParkBeartooth Lake Snotel5
ParkKirwin Snotel4
ParkMarquette Snotel3
Park26 SW Cody1.5
ParkEvening Star Snotel1
ParkBlackwater Snotel1
Park4 SE Cody0.6
Park5 ESE Cody0.5
SubletteKendall Ranger Station Snotel1
SubletteBig Piney0.5
Sweetwater7 SSE Rock Springs3.1
SweetwaterGreen River3
SweetwaterGreen River2
Sweetwater7 SE Rock Springs0.4
WashakieMiddle Powder Snotel3
Washakie27 S Ten Sleep0.4

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