Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 2013 has a good start on Precipitation across Wyoming

After a very dry June, July is showing encouraging signs for the Cowboy state.  There were several days when much of the state, including Star Valley received beneficial showers. While drier air has returned, this should only be temporary as a new surge of Monsoon moisture is now moving northward into the Southwestern Deserts.

The following 500 mb charts, mid day on tuesday and then again on friday, show the increasing southwesterly flow which will transport moisture back into Wyoming later this week.

500 mb analysis Tuesday July 9, 2013

500 mb forecast Friday July12, 2013

The following two charts depict the precipitable water in the atmosphere both for Tuesday and the forecast for Friday,

Precipitable water in inches Tuesday July 9 2013

Precipitable water forecast in inches for Friday July 12 2013

Thus after a couple warm and dry days, moisture and the increase in thunderstorms should certainly be back into Wyoming by Friday, and possibly later Thursday.

The following was a summary of the first round of Monsoon rains across the Cowboy state issued by the Riverton WFO.

UPDATED (7/9): Early start to Monsoon brings welcome rain back to Cowboy State

The monsoon season got off to an early start this year, as abundant moisture and instability were in place across Wyoming this week. This provided the needed ingredients, as weak shortwaves rotated around a high pressure center located near the Four Corners, for much needed thunderstorms to form across the area. Some of the thunderstorm activity was widespread across the forecast area for western & central Wyoming, with some storms becoming severe. These storms produced severe hail and in some cases brief heavy rain.  This event is much needed, as noted in the recent climate summary. Many locations have received much below normal precipitation since June 1 and this event will help against these deficits.  So far, only Casper has risen above normal for the year (as well as through June 1). All other locations are well below normal for the year (Lander is near normal for the year, but well below normal since June 1). Below are rainfall totals from Wednesday through Monday.

Click on image to enlarge

Rainfall Totals thru 7/8
CountyStation NameRainfall
Big Horn2 SSW Lovell1.78
Big HornGreybull ASOS0.25
Big HornGreybull0.09
Big HornShell0.09
Fremont10 WNW Dubois1.15
Fremont4 ENE South Pass City0.50
FremontRiverton ASOS0.27
Fremont6 SW Lander0.21
Fremont16 WNW Kinnear0.20
FremontBoysen Dam0.18
FremontLander ASOS0.18
FremontJeffrey City0.14
Fremont6 SE Lander0.08
Fremont1 SW Lander0.07
Fremont2 SSW Arapahoe0.06
Fremont1 WSW Lander0.02
Fremont2 NNE Lander0.02
Fremont34 SE Lander0.02
Fremont9 SSE Lander0.02
Hot Springs11 N Thermopolis1.00
Hot Springs9 NE Thermopolis0.33
Hot Springs1 SW Thermopolis0.22
Hot SpringsThermopolis0.13
Johnson17 NNW Kaycee0.87
Johnson17 E Kaycee0.61
Johnson20 S Buffalo0.39
Johnson7 NE Buffalo0.02
Lincoln5 NNE Thayne0.76
LincolnStar Valley Ranch0.73
Lincoln3 SE Bedford0.69
Lincoln2 SE Thayne0.68
Lincoln5 SSE Smoot0.54
Lincoln21 NNW Kemmerer0.34
LincolnFossil Butte0.15
NatronaCasper ASOS1.26
Natrona4 SW Casper0.66
Natrona11 WSW Casper0.52
Natrona11 ESE Casper0.50
Natrona10 WSW Casper0.44
Natrona4 WSW Casper0.39
Natrona1 WSW Casper0.36
Natrona6 S Casper0.35
Natrona1 SW Casper0.32
Natrona9 E Casper0.31
Natrona2 S Casper0.22
Natrona4 WSW Casper0.13
NatronaPowder River School0.04
Park3 NE Clark1.21
ParkCrandall Creek1.14
Park4 ENE Powell1.09
Park4 SW Powell1.06
Park3 NE Sunshine0.99
Park3 N Powell0.69
Park1 W Powell0.66
Park4 SE Cody0.33
Park2 WSW Cody0.33
Park5 ESE Cody0.28
Park7 SW Cody0.25
Park1 ESE Cody0.20
Park1 E Cody0.16
Sublette13 SE Pinedale1.32
Sublette14 NW Pinedale0.61
SubletteDaniel Fish Hatchery0.36
SubletteBig Piney ASOS0.36
SubletteBoulder Rearing Station0.21
Sweetwater7 SE Rock Springs0.43
Sweetwater1 NW Granger0.32
Sweetwater1 W Rock Springs0.17
Sweetwater38 NW Superior0.16
Sweetwater5 N Farson0.11
Sweetwater1 S Rock Springs0.11
Sweetwater1 E Rock Springs0.09
Sweetwater8 NNW Rock Springs0.02
SweetwaterGreen River0.02
TetonDarwin Ranch1.16
TetonHoback Junction0.90
Teton2 NE Teton Village0.79
Teton4 SSW Jackson0.55
Teton5 NW Jackson0.45
Teton3 SSW Wilson0.42
Teton12 NE Jackson0.32
Teton5 WNW Moran0.14
Teton1 NNW Alta0.11
Washakie4 NE Ten Sleep0.23
Washakie27 S Ten Sleep0.20
Washakie5 NNW Ten Sleep0.15
WashakieWorland ASOS0.12
WashakieTen Sleep0.11
Washakie16 SSE Ten Sleep0.06
Washakie1 W Worland0.05
Washakie8 SW Worland0.04
YellowstoneLamar Ranger Station0.96
YellowstoneTower Falls Ranger Station0.93
YellowstoneLake Yellowstone ASOS0.83
YellowstoneSnake River Ranger Station0.77
YellowstoneYellowstone Mammoth0.76
YellowstoneYellowstone East Entrance0.56
YellowstoneOld Faithful Ranger Station0.35

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