Monday, June 10, 2013

Final 2013 Wyoming Water Supply Outlook

Hopefully we do not have a repeat of the summer of 2012, when it was so dry.  Water supply will be adequate provided favorable summer shower activity occurs.

Final 2013 Wyoming Water Supply Outlook---June 7th

...May basin precipitation was near 96 percent of average across Wyoming…
…Mountain snowpack across Wyoming was 65 to 70 percent of average by early June… 
Below normal streamflow volumes are expected for the rest of the summer across most of Wyoming’s major watersheds…
…Total reservoir capacity in Wyoming was near 70 percent by early June…
May basin precipitation across Wyoming was near 96 percent of average. Precipitation numbers varied between 187 percent of normal over the Belle Fourche River Basin to 60 percent of normal over the Upper North Platte Drainage.
Mountain snowpack across Wyoming decreased to below normal at around 65to 70 percent of average by early June.  Snow water equivalents (SWEs) were45 to 55 percent of average across western and central Wyoming watersheds; while SWEs in southeast Wyoming drainages were near 70 percent of normal.
Streamflow snowmelt volumes are expected to be below normal for the rest of the summer across almost all of Wyoming’s major basins.  
Total reservoir capacity in Wyoming was near 70 percent by early June.   Levels at the major reservoirs in early June varied from 39 percent capacity at Pathfinder Dam to 95 percent capacity at Jackson Dam

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