Monday, December 17, 2012

Preliminary December 17 Snowfall Totals

Riverton Forecast Office has compiled a list of snowfall reports for the storm that moved across western Wyoming on Monday December 17 2012.  Some of these reports were made earlier in the day and do not represent the storm totals.

December 17 - Preliminary Snowfall Totals Across Western Wyoming

A potent winter storm moved into western Wyoming early Monday and produced snowfall across a wide swath of the region into early Monday evening.  The heaviest snow fell in the Salt and Wyoming ranges where automated stations provided estimates of one to two feet.  The Teton Range and southern Yellowstone National Park generally received between 12 and 18 inches of fresh snow.
In addition to the snow, strong, gusty wind was noted on both sides of the Continental Divide Monday.  Wind speeds in the mountains were routinely measured at 30 to 50 mph with higher gusts between 70 and 80 mph at the height of the storm Monday morning.  An automated observing station at the Casper airport registered a 59 mph gust at 12:39 p.m., while a top speed of 58 mph was measured at the Rock Springs airport at 3:05 p.m.  Strong wind gusts were also measured in southeast Fremont and southwest Natrona counties, where gusts ranging from 58 to 72 mph were recorded Monday morning.
Following are the 24-hour snowfall totals ending at 7 p.m. MST on Monday.  The table is delineated by county.  Thank you to our spotters who called, emailed, and posted on Facebook to assist us by providing snowfall reports.
24-hr Snowfall Totals Ending 7 PM Monday
CountyStation NameSnowfall
Big HornShell Creek Snotel3
Big Horn26 E Lovell1.5
Big HornOtto0.25
FremontDeer Park Snotel12
FremontSouth Pass Snotel10
Fremont4 ENE South Pass City9
FremontBurroughs Creek Snotel8
FremontHobbs Park Snotel7
FremontLittle Warm Snotel5
FremontSt. Lawrence Alt Snotel5
FremontCold Springs Snotel5
FremontBrooks Lake Lodge4
FremontTownsend Creek Snotel3
FremontCastle Creek Snotel3
Hot SpringsOwl Creek Snotel2
JohnsonBear Trap Meadow Snotel3
JohnsonHansen Sawmill Snotel2
JohnsonCloud Peak Reservoir Snotel2
LincolnIndian Creek Snotel25
LincolnBlind Bull Summit Snotel23
LincolnSpring Creek Divide Snotel20
LincolnKelley Ranger Station Snotel20
LincolnWillow Creek Snotel19
LincolnCottonwood Creek Snotel16
LincolnHams Fork Snotel16
LincolnSalt River Summit Snotel14
LincolnBlind Bull Summit12
LincolnCommissary Ridge12
LincolnBox Y Ranch9
LincolnStar Valley Ranch8
Lincoln3 W Afton8
Lincoln5 NNE Thayne11
Lincoln2 SE Thayne8
Lincoln5 SSE Smoot5
Lincoln10 W Kemmerer3.3
ParkBlackwater Snotel18
ParkYounts Peak Snotel9
ParkMarquette Snotel8
ParkBeartooth Lake Snotel8
ParkKirwin Snotel8
ParkEvening Star Snotel6
ParkWolverine Snotel3
ParkTimber Creek Snotel3
SubletteTriple Peak Snotel19
SubletteLoomis Park Snotel14
SubletteSnider Basin Snotel13
SubletteElkhart Park G.S. Snotel12
SubletteBig Sandy Opening Snotel10
SubletteLarsen Creek Snotel10
SubletteKendall Ranger Station Snotel10
SublettePocket Creek Snotel10
SubletteGunsite Pass Snotel9
SubletteEast Rim Divide Snotel9
SubletteNew Fork Lake Snotel7
Sublette1 N Pinedale6
Sublette2 SE Daniel4
SubletteSnider Basin4
Sublette14 NW Pinedale3.1
Sweetwater1 E Rock Springs1
SweetwaterGreen River1
SweetwaterRock Springs0.5
TetonPhillips Bench Snotel17
TetonJackson Hole-Raymer16
TetonGranite Creek Snotel16
TetonGrassy Lake Snotel14
TetonJackson Hole-Rendezvous Bowl13
TetonBase Camp Snotel13
TetonJackson Hole-Mid13
TetonJackson Lake12
TetonGros Ventre Summit Snotel11
TetonSnake River Stn Snotel10
TetonGrand Targhee Ski Area10
TetonTogwotee Pass Snotel10
TetonGrand Targhee-Chief Joseph10
Teton5 WNW Moran10
Teton3 SSW Wilson9.5
TetonGrand Targhee Snotel8
Teton5 NW Jackson8
Teton2 NW Jackson8
TetonRafter J Ranch8
Teton2 NE Teton Village7
Teton8 E Moran5
TetonJackson Hole-Base5
Teton12 NE Jackson4
TetonSnow King Ski Area4
Teton4 SSW Jackson1.6
WashakiePowder River Pass Snotel3
YellowstoneLewis Lake Divide Snotel20
YellowstoneThumb Divide Snotel13
YellowstoneTwo Ocean Plateau Snotel13
YellowstoneSylvan Lake Snotel9
YellowstoneSylvan Road Snotel7
YellowstoneCanyon Snotel5
YellowstoneParker Peak Snotel4

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