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Snow So Far This Season in Star Valley vs the Winter of 2010-2011

There are two active CoCoRaHS observers in Star Valley.  One is located south of Smoot and the other one is at my home in Star Valley Ranch.  The official snow season begins on Oct 1 each year.  As of today, February 11th the total at the Star Valley Ranch site is 110 inches with 106 inches measured at the Smoot location.  At the bottom of this blog will be the listing by day of the snowfall, precipitation and snow depth for each of the two locations.

The  Smoot CoCoRaHS  observer had measured 155 inches  last year up until Feb 10th 2011. While this is about 4 feet more than  reported thus far this year, another 132 inches fell after Feb. 10 2011 for a season total of 287 inches, or almost 24 feet!

An observer located near Thayne measured 210 inches for the 2010-2011 snow season or nearly 18 feet.  So far this year he reports 93 inches.  Another reliable observer located just northeast of Etna reports they have measured 66 inches since Oct.7 2011.

While we are far below last years snowfall, as can be seen from the Smoot observer,  another 11 feet  was measured after Feb. 10, 2011.  While the large scale jet stream pattern continues to keep the storm track away from Star Valley,  there is still much of the snow season still ahead.

For the past two winters there has been a web cam recording the snow depths at Star Valley Ranch.  The current cam view of the snow stake can be seen at

There are two videos available to compare last winter with the current one.  The first link was taken using the camera that has since been moved to the Star Valley Ranch Public Works building and provides a view across the valley.  The cam being used to monitor the snow stake this year is of somewhat less quality.

One photo a day grabbed around noon is used to put together a movie of the history of each year.

The snow season 2010-2011 can be found here:

For the winter of 2011-2012  the loop begins on December 14th and so far covers every day up to February 10th:

Following are the daily reports from the two CoCoRaHS sites so far this snow season:

Smoot 4.9 SSE
Lat: 42.5519166
Lon: -110.8884333
Thayne 4.7 NNE
Lat: 42.976495
Lon: -110.949658
* indicates Multi-Day Accumulation Report
Station               WY-LN-2  WY-LN-17
DatePrecipSnowfallCore PrecipTotal Snow DepthTotal SWE  PrecipSnowfallCore PrecipTotal Snow DepthTotal SWE
10/01/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/02/2011  0.000.0NANANA  TNANANANA
10/03/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/04/2011  0.02NANANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/05/2011  0.38NANANANA  0.08NANANANA
10/06/2011  0.481.0NA1.0NA  0.270.5NA0.5NA
10/07/2011  1.0814.0NA15.0NA  0.9010.0NA8.0NA
10/08/2011  0.242.0NA14.0NA  0.261.0NA4.0NA
10/09/2011  0.000.0NA5.0NA  0.03NANA1.0NA
10/10/2011  0.000.0NA3.0NA  0.000.0NATNA
10/11/2011  0.14NANA1.0NA  0.09NANANANA
10/12/2011  0.19NANANANA  0.32NANANANA
10/13/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/14/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/15/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/16/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/17/2011  0.42NANANANA  0.64NANANANA
10/18/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/19/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/20/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/21/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/22/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/23/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/24/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/25/2011  0.08NANANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/26/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/27/2011  0.000.0NANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/28/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/29/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/30/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
10/31/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
11/01/2011  0.10NANANANA  0.000.0NANANA
11/02/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
11/03/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
11/04/2011  0.000.0NANANA  0.000.0NANANA
11/05/2011  0.192.0NA2.0NA  0.324.00.324.0NA
11/06/2011  0.072.0NA3.0NA  0.072.0NA5.0NA
11/07/2011  0.000.0NA3.0NA  TTNA3.0NA
11/08/2011  0.000.0NA3.0NA  T0.2NA3.0NA
11/09/2011  0.000.0NA2.0NA  TTNA2.5NA
11/10/2011  0.000.0NA2.0NA  0.000.0NA2.5NA
11/11/2011  0.000.0NA2.0NA  0.000.0NA2.0NA
11/12/2011  0.143.0NA4.0NA  0.042.0NA4.0NA
11/13/2011  0.5612.0NA14.0NA  0.5314.5NA13.0NA
11/14/2011  0.152.0NA15.0NA  0.203.5NA12.0NA
11/15/2011  0.000.0NA12.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
11/16/2011  0.000.0NA11.0NA  T0.0NA8.0NA
11/17/2011  0.000.0NA10.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
11/18/2011  0.062.0NA11.0NA  0.345.0NA10.0NA
11/19/2011  0.398.0NA15.0NA  0.153.0NA11.0NA
11/20/2011  0.000.0NA14.0NA  TTNA10.0NA
11/21/2011  0.153.0NA15.0NA  0.194.5NA14.0NA
11/22/2011  0.000.0NA14.0NA  TTNA11.0NA
11/23/2011  0.000.0NA13.0NA  TTNA10.0NA
11/24/2011  0.000.0NA13.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
11/25/2011  0.112.0NA15.0NA  0.020.5NA8.0NA
11/26/2011  0.000.0NA14.0NA  0.031.0NA8.0NA
11/27/2011  0.000.0NA13.0NA  0.000.0NA7.0NA
11/28/2011  0.000.0NA13.0NA  0.000.0NA7.0NA
11/29/2011  0.000.0NA12.0NA  TTNA6.0NA
11/30/2011  0.000.0NA12.0NA  0.000.0NA6.0NA
12/01/2011  0.092.0NA14.0NA  0.092.0NA8.0NA
12/02/2011  0.000.0NA14.0NA  0.000.0NA7.0NA
12/03/2011  0.000.0NA13.0NA  0.102.0NA9.0NA
12/04/2011  0.122.0NA15.0NA  0.010.2NA8.0NA
12/05/2011  0.071.0NA16.0NA  TTNA8.0NA
12/06/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/07/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/08/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/09/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/10/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/11/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/12/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/13/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA8.0NA
12/14/2011  0.092.0NA17.0NA  0.082.0NA10.0NA
12/15/2011  0.061.0NA17.0NA  0.031.0NA11.0NA
12/16/2011  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
12/17/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
12/18/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
12/19/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
12/20/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA9.0NA
12/21/2011  0.000.0NA16.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
12/22/2011  0.193.0NA19.0NA  0.193.0NA12.0NA
12/23/2011  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
12/24/2011  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
12/25/2011  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
12/26/2011  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
12/27/2011  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA10.0NA
12/28/2011  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA10.0NA
12/29/2011  0.333.0NA20.0NA  0.801.0NA10.0NA
12/30/2011  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA10.0NA
12/31/2011  0.132.0NA20.0NA  0.425.0NA15.0NA
01/01/2012  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA14.0NA
01/02/2012  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/03/2012  0.000.0NA18.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/04/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
01/05/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
01/06/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA11.0NA
01/07/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA
01/08/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  TTNA11.0NA
01/09/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA11.0NA
01/10/2012  0.000.0NA17.0NA  0.000.0NA11.0NA
01/11/2012  0.142.0NA19.0NA  0.142.0NA13.0NA
01/12/2012  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/13/2012  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/14/2012  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
01/15/2012  0.000.0NA19.0NA  0.000.0NA12.0NA
01/16/2012  0.081.0NA20.0NA  0.081.0NA13.0NA
01/17/2012  0.000.0NA20.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/18/2012  0.000.0NA20.0NA  0.000.0NA13.0NA
01/19/2012  0.729.0NA27.0NA  0.7010.0NA21.0NA
01/20/2012  0.595.0NA30.0NA  0.605.0NA23.0NA
01/21/2012  0.575.0NA35.0NA  0.352.0NA25.0NA
01/22/2012  0.634.0NA34.0NA  0.494.0NA26.0NA
01/23/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  TTNA26.0NA
01/24/2012  0.203.0NA35.0NA  0.204.0NA28.0NA
01/25/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  TTNA27.0NA
01/26/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.040.5NA27.0NA
01/27/2012  0.313.0NA36.0NA  0.245.0NA30.0NA
01/28/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.000.0NA28.0NA
01/29/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.000.0NA27.0NA
01/30/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
01/31/2012  TTNA34.0NA  0.041.0NA25.0NA
02/01/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
02/02/2012  0.162.0NA35.0NA  0.153.0NA27.0NA
02/03/2012  0.000.0NA34.0NA  0.000.0NA26.0NA
02/04/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
02/05/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
02/06/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
02/07/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  0.000.0NA25.0NA
02/08/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  0.020.5NA25.0NA
02/09/2012  0.172.0NA34.0NA  0.062.0NA26.0NA
02/10/2012  0.000.0NA33.0NA  TTNA25.0NA
02/11/2012  0.141.0NA34.0NA  0.092.0NA25.0NA

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