Thursday, November 17, 2011


The major storm system is still on track to move eastward across southern Idaho into Western Wyoming. Light snow is beginning this morning in parts of the valley and will continue and increase during the day. It now appears that the potential for heavy snow with accumulations of 6-8 inches or more could occur in the valley before diminishing Friday night when the colder air arrives. The nearby mountain ranges will likely receive well over a foot. Even greater amounts of snow, possibly upwards of 2 feet by Saturday morning will fall over the Teton Range and southwestern portions of Yellowstone National Park.

Given the nearly 2 day duration of snow the total depth is expected, as mentioned, to be substantial. Temperatures will remain near freezing in the valley until the strong cold front arrives later on Friday. With the front will come gusty winds and temperatures falling into the teens, with deteriorating driving conditions in the valley and all roads out of the area.

The weekend still appears to be cold, however significant snowfall should be over.

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